Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has spoken out in defense of the team’s decision to trade wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Since wide receiver Amari Cooper has done so well with the Cleveland Browns, there has been more attention on Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

Cooper was traded by Dallas to Cleveland for a fifth-round pick during the offseason, and people are wondering if the Cowboys gave up the wide receiver too easily.

Jones answered this talk on Friday, a day after Cooper caught the Browns’ second touchdown pass in as many weeks. Jones said that Cooper’s salary could be used better elsewhere and that the Cowboys had to make the deal.

Jones does have a good point. Dallas is strong at wide receiver, and Cooper was set to make $20 million this season for the Cowboys. There is, of course, some debate about whether or not the Cowboys ended up making better use of the money they saved by trading Cooper for a small amount of money.

Even though the reasons for the Cooper trade were good, the move did not always go over well in the Dallas locker room. More and more people will feel this way the better Cooper does with Cleveland.

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