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Terence Steele: From Week 1’s Worst to Week 2’s Best

From their terrible season-opening defeat to Tampa Bay to their courageous victory over Cincinnati on Sunday, almost everything about the Dallas Cowboys seemed to be inverted. Terence Steele, an offensive tackle, made maybe the most remarkable turnaround of any player; from being one of the greatest duds in Week 1 to a notable performer in Week 2.

In the Bucs’ defeat, Steele received three false starts and one holding penalty. Although he wasn’t the only offensive misfire that week, Dallas’ lack of offensive rhythm was severely exacerbated by those penalties, making an already dismal day even worse.

Against the Bengals, it was a very different scenario. No penalties were assessed to Steele, and no pass-protection violations were noted. At a position where hearing your name shouted during a game is rarely a positive thing, Steele enjoyed going unseen.

Steele was eventually recognized in the postgame analysis as the Cowboys’ top offensive performer in Week 2.

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