Lawrence Taylor drops truth bomb on comparisons to Cowboys LB Micah Parsons

Not just among defensive players, but among all football players who have ever stepped foot on a field, Lawrence Taylor is perhaps the greatest player to ever play the game. Because of LT’s legendary status, it still surprises me to hear the word “linebacker” used in the same sentence as a young player. Consider the analogies being made between Taylor and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.

During a recent interview with Stever Serby of the New York Post, Taylor briefly discussed the analogy and made it obvious where he sees himself in the NFL’s pantheon of defensive players.

I’m constantly on the last page, last paragraph, and last line when they say “The greatest of all time,” yet I have no idea who the best defensive player is. I own it until someone tells me otherwise.

Micah Parsons is a really good athlete. Although Taylor’s body of work does not come close to matching Taylor’s entire productivity while playing professionally, he is one of the greatest in his position in the NFL today. Eight-time All-Pro and two-time Super Bowl champion Taylor. In his career, which lasted from 1981 to 1993, the Hall of Famer also racked up 142.0 sacks. The Cowboys rookie’s career is, if anything, off to a tremendous start. Parsons recorded 13.0 sacks in 16 games during his rookie season in the NFL.

Parsons has now recorded four sacks for the Cowboys this season. He will need to maintain that form, particularly given that the Cowboys’ defense is anticipated to improve as a result of Dak Prescott’s injury.

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