Jerry Jones: I’d love to have QB controversy between Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush

At least not at the moment, the Dallas Cowboys are not involved in a quarterback controversy. Jerry Jones, the owner, though, would adore it if there was.

Jones acknowledged on Thursday that he would adore it if Dak Prescott’s replacement Cooper Rush performed well enough while the starter was out to truly establish himself as a viable alternative even when Prescott is healthy.

“Of course I would. That means we won. If he comes in there and plays as well as Prescott played … I’d walk to New York to get that,” Jones said.

In actuality, Rush probably has no chance of retaining his position after Prescott recovers from his injury. There is no denying that Prescott is the starter after Dallas made a significant investment in him. Jones still wants to win, and if Rush is succeeding, he is likely doing enough to deserve it.

Prescott might return much sooner than previously thought. That might quickly put Jones’ hopes to rest.

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