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“In Rush we trust,” says Michael Irvin in a hype video honoring Cooper Rush.

The Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 NFL season started off poorly following Week 1. Two wins in a row with Cooper Rush at quarterback have the Cowboys looking good after losing Dak Prescott to a season-opening thumb injury. Many others, including Cowboys icon Michael Irvin, have begun to ride the Rush hype train after he won each of his first three career starts.

Irvin posted a short video to Twitter following the Cowboys’ 23-16 win over the New York Giants Monday night in which he celebrates the victory. Irvin is so pumped up for Rush’s show that he keeps saying the new tagline, “In Rush we trust.” As the Cowboys enter Week 4 with a 2-1 record, it appears to be a fairly true picture of how most fans are feeling.

Irvin is no stranger to the NFL, and he can recognize a solid quarterback performance when he sees one. Although Rush hasn’t been tearing through defenses, he has been contributing to the Cowboys’ strong defensive unit. While only two games in, this strategy has proven successful thus far.

Even though Rush has done his part, it’s obvious that the Cowboys and their fans are counting down the days before Prescott’s return. The initial estimate for Prescott’s recovery was six to eight weeks, but it now appears that he will be back sooner than that. If so, Rush would go back to his backup role.

Michael Irvin and the rest of the Cowboys’ fan base have appreciated Rush’s courageous plays, but they’ll have to wait for Prescott’s return before he’s the focal point again. There’s no saying if Rush will start in Week 4, but if Prescott can’t go, Dallas is in good hands with Rush.

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