Cowboys QB Dak Prescott returns to practice 10 days after surgery

Ten days after having surgery on his hand, Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott reportedly returned to the practice field on Thursday and is already throwing.

One of the most popular topics in the NFL right now is Prescott’s hand. When it comes to the starting quarterback on “America’s Team,” it is standard procedure. There has been much conjecture about when the team’s most expensive player could return to the field after suffering a fracture to his thumb in the team’s opening weekend loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has been the main source of conversation. Since the injury, the Dallas team manager has continually expressed optimism about his quarterback’s schedule for recovery. It was widely believed that Jones might be viewing the scenario through idealized lenses. Particularly considering that doctors say it will likely take at least a month before Prescott dons a uniform as a viable option.

When he remarked, “the timeline basically goes like this,” NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport spelled out the most likely scenario on Wednesday and indicated that a comeback in Week 6 was likely. Dak Prescott will need seven to ten days to heal the wound alone. After that, it will take another 10 to 2 weeks to lessen the edema. After that, he will need to practice holding an NFL football for an additional two to three weeks.

Dallas Cowboys star Dak Prescott was seen throwing a training ball at practice Thursday

The quarterback appears to be recovering from surgery earlier than expected. Thursday’s news from Cowboys practice was published by Pro Football Focus, and unexpectedly, it included Prescott being observed throwing a practice ball already.

“Reporters at the team’s practice session shared photos of Prescott on the field and doing some drills with other quarterbacks. Prescott did not take any snaps or handle a football, but he was seen gripping and throwing a training ball 10 days after having surgery on his right thumb.”

Even though it’s not a real football, it’s nonetheless surprising that the two-time Pro Bowler is already working, according to earlier estimations. The shock is increased by the fact that Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy previously disclosed that his quarterback still had sutures in his surgically healed thumb.

In Week 3 of the NFL schedule, the Cowboys play the New York Giants on “Monday Night Football”

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