Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy Put “Stop” to the “Dak Prescott vs. Cooper Rush” Storyline

The comments Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy made in response to the "Dak Prescott vs. Cooper Rush" article on Friday were, in his perspective, an integral part of McCarthy's duties.

Jerry Jones believes that what he said on Thursday regarding a “It’s just a part of his performing his job as a salesman, the quarterback debate.

Mike McCarthy believes that what he stated in response to questions on Friday on “Cooper Rush vs. Dak Prescott is just another example of his carrying out his duties as a coach.

In reaction to Jones’ comments, McCarthy told 105.3 The Fan, “Dak is our quarterback and we want Cooper to be as successful as possible. “I think it stops right there.”

Jones’ reasoning in claiming he would “love” to have “a dilemma as to which way to go (between Dak and Rush)” is in part about how it would mean Rush had played well in place of the injured Prescott.

Jones has never shied away from his interest in football business and how it is just as important as being a football player. In fact, he recently said, “We’re doing our job if the Cowboys are consistently on the first page.

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