Cowboys have set a date for Dak Prescott’s return after his stitches Out

On Monday, the stitches in Dak Prescott’s right hand will be taken out. This is part of a process that could have him back on the field as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 16.

That just so happens to be a Sunday Night game against the Eagles in Philadelphia, and it would take five weeks to fully recover from surgery.

When Prescott got hurt against Tampa Bay in Week 1, it was thought he might be out for eight weeks. Thinking that the swelling will go down, that he’ll be able to practice more, and that the small fracture in the thumb of his throwing hand will heal in this time frame is a good sign. It also slows down Cowboys ownership’s overly optimistic view that the franchise quarterback will be able to play next week, in Week 4.

As Ian Rapoport of NFL Network points out…

Prescott and Cooper Rush, who will start in Dak’s place again this week, “got a good laugh” about team owner Jones’s comments about wanting a quarterback controversy, or “dilemma,” if it meant that backup Rush would win a string of games while starter Prescott continues to heal.

Rush said of Jones, “He just wants to win games, and that’s what we all want to do.” “I don’t think my dreams are as big as Jerry’s. We just want to keep winning.”

Rush did that in Week 2 against the Bengals, and he will be asked to do the same against the Giants on Monday night.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy did his best to stop rumors that there would be a “controversy.” “Prescott will be the No. 1 QB as soon as he is healthy enough to play again, which could be in the next few weeks.

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