🔥Dan Quinn will continue his role as defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys for a third season.

On Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys unquestionably triumphed despite losing on Sunday.

Even though the season is over and there are many things to take care of in the aftermath, one of them was what would happen to some of the Cowboys staff members. Dallas let go of six employees this week, but it seemed conceivable that at least one more employee might do the same.

Kellen Moore, the offensive coordinator, interviewed for the position with the Carolina Panthers, but we learned on Thursday that Frank Reich won it, so Moore might end up remaining.

When defensive coordinator Dan Quinn had interviews with the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and Arizona Cardinals, it seemed impossible for him to spend another season without being given the opportunity to lead an NFL team.

Dan Quinn will remain a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Since Sunday night, Cowboys supporters have been in need of something to be hopeful about, and on Thursday afternoon, that news that Dan Quinn will remain on Mike McCarthy’s staff arrived. Start the party now.

Quinn was a major target during this particular cycle, and this cycle included the Denver Broncos, with whom he was closely associated a year before, making it almost astonishing that he went a second season without being traded.

This is very important for a Cowboys club that wants to expand on the foundation they have laid in the third year of the Micah Parsons and Dan Quinn era.




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